What About Matched Play?

When you create a roster, you can select whether it’s for Matched Play or Spec Ops. If you choose Matched Play, all Spec Ops features are hidden and you can just use the roster-building features. Use the “Share Matched Play Roster” button to copy your list for importing into BCP or emailing it to a TO.

How Do I Assign Equipment/Rare Equipment to an Operative?

You don’t. Teammate keeps track of which items are in your stash, but during an actual game, keep track of who has what in whatever manner works best for you (tokens, rubber bands, etc).

Why Isn’t There an Android Version?

As someone who likes video games but only has a Mac and a Switch, I know the feeling when there’s something out you want to use for a system you don’t own. The reality is that Teammate is a one-person operation and I simply don’t know anything about developing for Android. The analogy between programming and spoken languages here is apt—I can write in English because I already know it but releasing a book in French would be no small task.

That said, if any Android developers out there are working on a Kill Team app, let me know and I’ll refer people your way.

Why Doesn't Teammate Have Datacards or Rules?

Teammate is meant to be a tool for you to use in managing your team. It’s not reference material. There are several reasons for this:

  1. First, the app is entirely unaffiliated with Games Workshop. I don’t have their permission to copy their entire game and all of its rules.
  2. I don’t want to be known as the guy who makes an app you can use instead of buying the books.
  3. It would require a tremendous about of exacting data entry—many hundreds of units—and all of it would have to be exactly correct and be updated with every new dataslate.