Flowers of Transylvania

Flowers of Transylvnia Cover with Text

Flowers of Transylvania is a short novel by David Ely about Corina, a young woman who gets abducted from her small village in Transylvania by Count Dracula. What is the count’s plan, and why is he abducting people from all over the country? Whom can she trust at Castle Dracula? The other girls being held there? Elisabeta, their mysterious tutor? Dominic, her first love, who works as a castle guard?

The setting is mid-18th century Transylvania not as it really was, but as one might imagine it existed 150 years before Bram Stoker’s Dracula. While it is a complete story, it also sets up elements of the larger, ongoing novel, Wallachia. How does Corina’s imprisonment in Castle Dracula in 1741 relate to the count’s trip to a Wallachian town in 1816? What events led to his decision to flee Transylvania for London in 1893?

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