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Wallachia is an ongoing serial vampire novel by David Ely set in 19th-century Romania. New chapters are published every few weeks.

Decades before Dracula, the Principality of Wallachia had its share of problems long before it came to be ruled by a vampire…

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The audiobooks are available as a podcast. New chapters air every other Friday. Start with episode one.

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Flowers of Transylvania, a prelude to Wallachia, is included in the app but is also available separately for Kindle and Apple Books. 1741, Transylvania. Corina finds herself a prisoner of Count Dracula. The good news: Dominic, her first love, is a guard in the castle. But can she trust him?


4. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 4: Into the Labyrinth

Corina and the girls visit the village, and she makes a startling discovery.

3. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 3: Day and Night in Castle Dracula

Corina and Dominic connect; she starts having bad dreams.

2. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 2: The Lord Who Receives Many Guests

Corina awakens in Castle Dracula and discovers that she’s not alone.

1. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 1: The Princess of Springtime

Transylvania. The first day of spring, 1741. Corina is the jewel of her village. She’s been selected to be the princess of the spring festival, when a handsome messenger rides into town.

Welcome to Wallachia: A Penny Dreadful: The Podcast! I’ll be posting a new audiobook chapter every other week, starting with the prelude story, Flowers of Transylvania.

Flowers will run for six chapters, then we’ll jump into Wallachia.