21. Wallachia Chapter 15: Death and Burial Customs of the Wallachian Peasant

Abraham and Dragos visit Marian’s farm.

20. Wallachia Chapter 14: The Trial

Eugen stands trial.

19. Wallachia Chapter 13: The Mystery of the Blue Flames

Marley meets Dracula.

18. Wallachia Chapter 12: The Farmer’s Afterlife

Abraham has some news to deliver.

17. Wallachia Chapter 11: Nicolae at the Bat

Rain cancels Ion’s oină practice.

16. Wallachia Chapter 10: Red Tower Pass

Marley and Margareta go for a ride.

15. Wallachia Chapter 9: Rides in the Rain

Father Abraham visits a sick farmer.

14. Wallachia Chapter 8: Goings and Comings

The castle learns of Marley’s disappearance.

13. Wallachia Chapter 7: An Imbalance of Humours

Marley visits the castle’s dungeon.

12. Wallachia Chapter 6: The Proud Blood of the Wallachian

Father Abraham attends the speech by Count Dracula and Negrescu Radu at the castle.

11. Wallachia Chapter 5: How to Borrow a Book

With the town all at Radu’s speech, Marley and friends “borrow” a book from the church.

10. Wallachia Chapter 4: Evening Tea

Ion and Kwasi take Marley to the pub. They hear some music, she notices that something’s up with Nea Eugen, and (another) strange visitor arrives in town.

9. Wallachia Chapter 3: Rumors, Lamentations, and Thunderstorms

Father Abraham faces the possibility there’s been a murder in the village.

8. Wallachia Chapter 2: Six Hundred and Eighty Steps

We follow Ion up the steps to Castelul Argeş, see a little of what life is like for those who work in the castle when an important nobleman like Count Dracula arrives, and Cornel takes a walk.

7. Wallachia Chapter 1: Welcome to Wallachia

Chapter 1 of Wallachia: A Penny Dreadful by David Ely. The previous six episodes have comprised the prelude, Flowers of Transylvania. Now we jump forward to 1816 and move south to Wallachia.

Marley returns home after several years away and attends her sister’s first Communion. Afterwards, they eat, dance, take in a puppet show, and a strange visitor arrives.

6. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 6: Home At Last

Corina and Dominic arrive at her village.

This marks the end of the Flowers of Transylvania novella. Next time we’ll jump forward 75 years and start Wallachia. We’ll meet a whole new cast of characters, but there will be some famliar faces, settings, and themes that carry over from the prelude.

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5. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 5: As the World Falls Down

The morning after finding something terrible beneath the chapel in the village, Corina despairs.

4. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 4: Into the Labyrinth

Corina and the girls visit the village, and she makes a startling discovery.

3. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 3: Day and Night in Castle Dracula

Corina and Dominic connect; she starts having bad dreams.

2. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 2: The Lord Who Receives Many Guests

Corina awakens in Castle Dracula and discovers that she’s not alone.

1. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 1: The Princess of Springtime

Transylvania. The first day of spring, 1741. Corina is the jewel of her village. She’s been selected to be the princess of the spring festival, when a handsome messenger rides into town.

Welcome to Wallachia: A Penny Dreadful: The Podcast! I’ll be posting a new audiobook chapter every other week, starting with the prelude story, Flowers of Transylvania.

Flowers will run for six chapters, then we’ll jump into Wallachia.