Teammate 1.2.8

This version adds a new “Quick Score” screen that you can access from the main screen. It lets you get straight to the score sheet without having to pick a team (but without being able to record stats for that game).

The teams for Kill Team: Salvation are available as well as a new game type, Hazardous Areas, for use when playing on Bheta-Decima.

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  • Quick Score: A new option to bring up a blank score sheet has been added to the top of the main screen. The stats for quick score games aren’t linked with any of your existing teams.
  • Added Scout Squad and Blades of Khaine teams.
  • Team Dataslates are now split into sections for Matched Play and Spec Ops.
  • Hazardous Areas can now be picked as a game type, which will allow the Ferratonic Furnace Control Tac Op in favor of Central Control.
  • Matched Play: The pre-game “Select Operatives” section can be collapsed.
  • The matched play score sheet should restore scores more reliably if the app is killed in the background.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Spec Ops from automatically completing Operation 2 even though its requirements were fulfilled in some cases.
  • Intercession Squad: (Spec Ops) Added a confirmation dialog when you try to fail an Oath of Moment.

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