Teammate 1.2.3: Ashes of Faith

Teammate 1.2.3 adds support for Kill Team: Ashes of Faith. And the Gallus Campaign is in full swing. It’ll run through June so there’s plenty of time to jump in and play the missions.

I did have to turn off team validation for Inquisitorial Agents. Normally when you make a new Spec Ops team or when you’re picking operatives for a game, Teammate will automatically disable operatives that are not eligible based on your current choices. It won’t let you pick two snipers, or two leaders, for example. But with all the ancillary support options, the Inquisitorial Agents team is just too complicated and running the validation was slowing everything down tremendously. I’m not happy about it and I’ll try to see how I can make it run more efficiently, but I didn’t want to delay the release any more.

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  • The Inquisitorial Agent and Chaos Cult teams are now available.
  • When creating a new team, if that team has required operatives with no wargear options, those operatives will be created automatically (Pathfinder, Elucidian Starstrider, Gellerpox Infected, Hierotek Circle, Inquisitorial Agent, Chaos Cult).
  • Spec Ops: The In Memoriam screen now shows the XP and rank of your slain operatives.
  • Spec Ops: Slain operatives can now be revived using a button on the In Memoriam page. Resurrect responsibly.
  • Void-dancer Troupe: Added the Recon archetype, which had been missing erroneously.