Teammate 1.2.2

Teammate 1.2.2 adds support for Kill Team: Gallowfall.

For Spec Ops games, Critical Ops cards will now be automatically counted as their core deck counterparts. The text of Spec Ops is unchanged. A mission that wants you to score, say, Triangulate, will still say that, but if you pick Outflank you’ll get credit for it, and in that example Outflank will have an icon next it to show it counts for the active Spec Op. Hopefully everything should just work.

(Special thanks to Travis for the official BStrat card mappings. It’s good to have a second eye on these things, absent proper guidance from GW.)

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1.2.2 (28):

  • The Hearthkyn Salvager and Fellgor Ravager teams are now available.
  • Added Gallowfall missions.
  • Spec Ops: All Critical Ops ’22 cards have been mapped to Core Deck Tac Ops for the purposes of scoring Spec Ops. If you play a game using Critical Ops cards, your progress in your Spec Op will be updated automatically.
  • Fixed a typo in the “Subversive Control” Tac Op’s name.
  • Hand of the Archon: Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash if you complete the Remove Rival Spec Op.
  • Greenskin: Removed incorrect wargear options from the Boy Fighter operative.