Teammate 1.2.1

Teammate 1.2.1 brings compliance with the newest Balance Dataslate.

If your game uses the Critical Ops cards, the maximum a player can score is now 24. GW has not officially removed the 20-point max, but this way if they do affirm it’s supposed to be 24, everything will work, and if they instead say it’s still 20, you can just not give yourself more than 20 points. I also put a max on the scoring steppers so that both players’ mission scores can never add up to more than 24.

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  • In games using the Critical Ops mission pack, players can now earn up to 16 points on the primary score. The scoring buttons will prevent both players’ primary scores from summing to more than 24.
  • In games using the Critical Ops mission pack, the maximum score is now 24. [This may change in a future update if Games Workshop affirms that the max should remain at 20.]
  • Kasrkin: Added Combat Blade equipment.
  • Kommando: Teams that include both a Grot and a Bomb Squiq can now pick 11 operatives.
  • Phobos Strike Team: Updated the Guerrilla Battle Honour to match the Balance Dataslate.