Teammate 1.1

1.1 adds the Soulshackle teams, Hand of the Archon and Exaction Squad, as well as game history and stats. The stats page shows your overall win rate, win rate vs each other faction, and tracks the average victory points you score for each different Tac Op card.

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1.1 (23)

  • Added Exaction Squad and Hand of the Archon teams.
  • Clicking on a battle honour or battle scar on the in-game view now brings up a sheet describing that honour/scar.
  • Games History and Stats added to each team’s info (for games played on this version forward).
  • Clicking on a battle honour on the operative’s datacard now shows a confirmation message reminding you to check whether you’re allowed to change this honour before doing so.
  • The close quarters switch on the pre-game screen will now set itself to whatever your last game was.
  • Added a few options to the menu when you right click/long press on an operative in the team list.
  • Elucidian Starstriders: Family Chronicle asset only displays on the datacard for Elucia Vhane.