Teammate 1.0.1

Teammate 1.0.1 is available now.

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The big features are enhancements for people who primarily do Matched Play games, and list validation.

When you create a new team, you can now choose whether your roster will be used for Matched Play or for Spec Ops. If you pick Matched Play, the app will hide all the Spec Ops features and will just let you make a list and keep score in games. I think that for basic Kill Team list-building and sharing it’s the best option out there.

List validation (for non-Compendium teams) means that when you create a new Spec Ops team, the app will make sure your starting roster is legal. If your team only allows you to take a certain number of a given operative (ex. one leader, one plasma gunner), Teammate will disable the ability to select more once you’ve hit your limit. This also works when you start a game—start selecting operatives and invalid choices will dim. You can turn this off if you don’t want it, which might be needed if you’ve written a narrative scenario requiring something unusual.

Tac Ops scoring has been improved a little, too. Some cards, like Rob & Ransack, require the operative who scored to the first bullet point to also score the second. In this case, the second bullet is now a toggle switch, which prevents you from assigning that point to the wrong operative. Other cards, like a few for Warpcoven, can only be scored by a specific operative type. The list now limits itself to just valid operatives. And for Matched Play rosters, Tac Op scoring is just a series of switches now. No need to designate the operative who scored it, since XP isn’t a factor.

Going forward, should an operative pay the ultimate price and roll a 1 for its battle scar test, you can visit the “In Memoriam” page to remmeber their sacrifice. There’s even a notes field where you can fill in some details aobut your departed operative’s demise.

New Spec Ops teams can also set custom campaign rules to increase XP generation and/or decrease the XP needed to level up.

Release notes:

  • Matched play teams: When you create a new team you can now designate it as a Matched Play list, which will hide all Spec Ops features.
  • List validation: New non-Compendium rosters will now prevent you from taking an illegal initial list.
  • Pre-game team selection: Added an option to validate the list as you select operatives.
  • Custom campaign rules: When creating a Spec Ops team you can now adjust how much XP operatives get in a game and/or how quickly they gain ranks.
  • “In Memoriam”: Slain operatives now have a resting place in the team’s Info section. (This only collects operatives slain since upgrading to this version.)
  • Tac Ops: Cards that are “all or nothing” will now automatically fill in both bullet points when scored (Interloper, Plant Signal Beacon, Blow It Up!)
  • Tac Ops: Cards that require the same operative to score both points will now prevent you from selecting different operatives (Escort Operative, Rob and Ransack, Executioner, Courier, Challenge, Hero’s Path, Champion of Mankind)
  • Tac Ops: Cards that can only be scored by a specific operative type will now only allow you to score them with an appropriate operative (Reputation to Maintain, Investigate Motive Force, Scry Secret, Sorcerous Ritual)
  • Added an option to make a copy of a Spec Ops team as a new Matched Play team (and vice versa)
  • When you first create a roster, a confirmation dialog now appears to make sure you know it’ll cost RPs to add operatives going forward.
  • Fixed a bug where adding an operative that has no wargear options wouldn’t cost RP.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a strategic asset would sometimes try to delete the wrong asset
  • Fixed a bug where Cerebral Affliction battle scars would persist after a game’s end.
  • Revised the formatting of exported rosters.
  • Greenskin: Added Boy Gretchin operative.
  • Warpcoven: Team selection will now determine whether security or recon Tac Ops has the star next to it.
  • Elucidian Starstriders: Elucia Vhane canned be added to your roster if you already have one on your roster.
  • Gellerpox Infected: Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed cannot be added to your roster if you already have one on your roster.
  • Legionary: Marks of Chaos are now color-coded
  • Legionary: The new operatives menu now disables the Balefire Acyolyte choice if the operative’s mark is Khorne, rather than hiding the entry entirely.
  • Legionary: Dark Desecration is now disabled for close quarters games.
  • Hierotek Circle: Epithets are now combined with the operative’s given name so they alphabetize more sensibly.
  • Kommando: Blow it Up! is now disabled for close quarters games.
  • Imperial Navy Breachers: C.A.T. Units and Gheistskulls no longer default to having human names.