Teammate 1.0

Teammate: Kill Team Spec Ops Aide is out now. This is an app I’ve been working on throughout the fall. It helps you manage narrative campaigns in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team.

You can download it now for free from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Like many, the pandemic found me at home in need of a hobby, and wound up picking up a brush and painting Warhammer miniatures. I’d started playing 40K in high school during 2nd edition and had from time-to-time wandered into game stores, my army sitting in a few boxes in a closet.

when 9th edition came out, I was drawn to the idea of smaller narrative games, and Kill Team’s Spec Ops rules seemed ideal for telling stories about your squad of little friends. Right away, though, I found the work required to track experience, battle honours, strategic assets, etc. to be cumbersome.

Teammate is deisgned to streamline that bookkeeping. You still need to know the rules for how the Spec Ops mode works, but it should be able to replace having to lug a clipboard around.

There’s a little more information on the About Teammate page, including a video demo.