Walachia Chapter 14: The Trial

Chapter fourteen of Wallachia is out. Get it from the App Store and read it for free.

🏛Eugen stands trial.


  • It’s 2 July, a Tuesday. The moon is at 48%. 🌓
  • Județ was a “an office with administrative and judicial functions, corresponding to both judge and mayor. The word is etymologically rooted in the Latin ‘judicium.’” It’s pronounced like the first two syllables in “judiciary.”
  • Otherwise I’m mostly making up how the legal system works. No juries or lawyers. It’s roughly in line with what I’ve read about how the law operated in some parts of Europe, but it works for what we need.

Lastly, I need to focus a bit on programming so I can get the new version of the app ready for iOS 14’s launch in the fall. I don’t think I’ll have no new chapters until then, but normally I’d start writing the next chapter right away; instead I’m going to be busy in Xcode.