Development Log: Fleurons part 2

As discussed previously, I use little fleurons to give the text a little bit of flourish here and there in the app. Page numbers are decorated with little left- and right-pointing floral heart symbols, but something bugged me about them. Here they are:

Screen Shot 2019 11 18 at 2 50 00 PM

They aren’t the same size. Ack!

So in v1.2 I used Apple’s SF Symbols app to make my own custom floral hearts.

Floral hearts

Much better.

In 1.1 I also made custom versions of the list.number and textformat.size buttons so that they’d use the Baskerville font to match the body text.


The news pages at the end of each chapter are set in San Francisco, the default iOS body font. I do this to make it visually clear that they’re back matter, not part of the story. In v1.2 on news pages the app now switches to using the stock buttons for table of contents and text formatting which matches the sans-serif on the rest of the page.