The Vampyre and Carmilla

Both The Vampyre and Carmilla are in the public domain. You can download ebooks of them for free using the links below.

The Vampyre; a Tale (Kindle, Apple Books). I also highly recommend this collection by Andrew Barger that includes The Vampyre: The Best Vampire Stories 1800-1849: A Classic Vampire Anthology (Kindle, Apple Books).

Carmilla (Kindle, Apple Books). If you like Carmilla, also check out Le Fanu’s collection In a Glass Darkly (Kindle, Apple Books).

Lastly, if you’re into 19th century-set vampire stories, you’re welcome to read my own book, Wallachia, A Penny Dreadful. The prelude, Flowers of Transylvania, is available on Kindle and Apple Books for $2.99. The main story is published as a serial in text and audiobook formats via an app I designed. New chapters come out every few weeks and subscribers get to vote on upcoming story developments as I write them. Download on the App Store.