Working out the Dracula Live chronology can be tricky even with dated entries!

This morning, Harker writes that he slept only a few hours, woke up early, then was surprised by the count while shaving. He has breakfast alone, then discovers he’s locked in the castle. That’s all dated May 8. He continues over a chapter break, with the most recent entry being written, in my mind, a little while later.

The next entry is labeled “midnight” but in it Harker describes a “long talk with the Count” that ends “close on morning” after which “we went to bed.” “Went;” past tense. Maybe he’s writing the journal in bed, but why date it “midnight” if it’s already near sunrise (which tomorrow is 5:54 EEST)?

Fortunately there aren’t any conflicting entries, so whether I schedule it to post at midnight, sunrise, or after Jonathan awakens doesn’t affect much, so midnight Transylvania time it is (10 London/5 US EDT).